VARESENEXT: an italian innovation hub

VareseNext is an italian innovation hub in the heart of Lombardy. VareseNext’s ideal is to increase the fintech industry in Italy and to create a link with other European Nations. Our mission is to create bring back to the Olivetti’s period our country.

Our principal goal is to

VARESE: Welcome in Italy. Discover the Garden City.

Varese is a lively town which matches art and nature. It lies in the lake region in the north of Italy. It is 55 kilometres (34 mi) north of Milan, 30 kilometres  (19 mi) from Malpensa Airport, just 15 kilometres (9 mi) from Switzerland border.

It is called the Garden City because of its many villas and gardens, like the outstanding Giardini Estensi, a small Versailles at 2’ walk from our offices, where to scroll by during lunch time.



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Giardini Estensi Varese


The city of Varese looks over the Lake of Varese and lies at the feet of Sacro Monte di Varese, part of the Campo dei Fiori mountain range, that hosts an astronomical observatory.

The Sacro Monte di Varese (‘the sacred mountain of Varese’) is a well-known place of pilgrimage and worship, included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Varese is home to the European School , which was established in 1960 for the children of European Union staff members working at the Joint Research Centre in nearby Ispra.



Varese is connected with Milan and Malpensa by A8 motorway, which was part of the first toll road system in the world.

The city is served by three railway stations, all of them are electrified.
Varese FS, is the first/last station of Suburban Line S5 of Milan Varese-Treviglio via Milan (operated by ATM-Trenord), and runs high-frequency train to Milan and Porto Ceresio, toward Switzerland. In addition, there is a project under way to connect Varese with Malpensa Airport; this line would then continue past Varese to Mendrisio and Lugano in Switzerland;

Varese Nord (in the city centre) and Varese Casbeno (in the neighborhood of Casbeno), managed by FerrovieNord, connect Varese to Milan Cadorna.

The city has both an extensive city bus network (12 lines + 3 lines in the urban area) and suburban bus services.

International bus services link Varese to Lugano and Mendrisio, in Switzerland.

In Varese there is also a beautiful funicular service, to ascend to Sacro Monte.



Passporting enables firms that are authorized in any EU or EEA state to trade freely in any other with minimal additional authorization. These passports are the foundation of the EU single market for financial services.

A ‘passported’ UK based bank has broad and well understood rights. It can:

  • Provide its customers with the widest range of banking services across the UK and all 27 EU countries
  • Establish a branch in any other EU country from which it can offer cross-border banking services across all other EU countries
  • Do so efficiently, without duplication and at low cost

Once outside the EU, a UK based bank has no ‘passport rights’. Instead it must apply for a license for each EU country:

  • A license is not available in many EU countries
  • The range of licensed banking services is much more limited
  • Duplication and substantial additional costs


VARESENEXT is an independent innovation hub focused on FINTECH start up and it intend support UK FINTECH start up  doing business in EU

Our approach to support UK FINTECH start up is well-structured

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